ark of the convenant

This is the project of mine I am most excited about. It involved total integration with the architecture of the space, while also being the focus.

I have strong feelings about ritual spaces and am generally disappointed with most of the contemporary ones I have visited. When I was first walked thru the space at the Temple D'hirsch Sinai I was impressed both by the modern feel and the traditional roots of the space. Weinstein Copland Architects had very strong feelings about the nature of this piece and had some problems with the execution. We were happy to be involved, despite the severe time constraints.

The scope of the project was slightly overwhelming. The Ark is 21' tall by 16' wide. It's the largest blackened steel object I know of. Even after all the fabrication problems had been solved it was quite a project to patina it. I was very fortunate in this project to have a lot of help from my friends at Rubicon and Intent. All of the glass was made by George Batho of Batho Studios, a frequent collaborator. This was very fortunate as well due to the tight integration of the glass and steel, particularly in the Eternal Flame.